A view point from a 30 year resident & Finance Reports

Loveland Heights Resident's View on Candidates

 I have tried to keep up with your postings and comments as much as possible on lovelandtruth.com. I have to say, that in the 30 years that I have lived in Loveland, that I have not seen the level of hatefulness that I am seeing now involving our city government. Not everyone understands Mark Fitzgeralds personality, but in all, I felt that he was doing a good job. He tells it like it is, and doesn't pull any punches, which upsets todays liberal thinkers. The PAC likes to bring up his job in North College Hill. Councilwoman Novak is a commercial artist who has done a lot of work around that city. She is also related to an attorney who seems to like to go after government entities, and make their lives miserable. In short, this new PAC, which is comprised of a lot of people who do not live in our city, is just trying to see how big of a nuisance that they can be. I am sure that some of our candidates have made some promises to the PAC which cannot be filled unless they gain a majority on council. I also find it amusing that one of the candidates committee report shows the bulk of his funding coming from sources in California. You did an excellent job on Loveland City Council. Your family has owned a business in Loveland for more years than I know. Your Dad was a Loveland Police officer. Your heart is truly in this city. I intend to vote for Pam Gross, Steve Zamagias, Ted Bateman and Mr. Kuhn for council. I am urging my neighbors in the Heights to do the same. Unless you can give me a compelling reason otherwise, I feel like these persons are the best choices for the job. In closing, thank you for all that you do for this city. Respectfully, Chris Ostendorf 

*I have sent Mr. Ostendorf a message asking if he meant Andy bateman or Ted Phelps, will make change when replies. The Loveland Truth.Com will never change or omit anything from a reader without their permission!


Do you mean Andy Bateman or Ted Phelps ? To: Chris Ostendorf


Andy Bateman. I'm horrible with names!

From Chris Ostendorf

Which Candidate is being referred to? Neal Oury

Here is the breakdown from Neal Oury's Campaign Finance Report.

Total Funds Available = $3701.00

From California $1150,  =31.07%

    Including $850 Loan from LCH-PAC

       *$150 Owed to LCH-PAC

From Colorado = $200

From Individuals Outside Loveland =$450

From organizations outside City of Loveland =$450

Residents or Businesses in City of Loveland = $600

From Neal Oury =$1.00

Candidate Rob Weisgerber

Total Funds Available = $1050

From Colorado = $50.00 Same contributor as Neal Oury

From Organizations outside City of Loveland= $450

Residents or Businesses in City of Loveland= $550, One Contributor is same as Neal Oury

*Google research shows a Commercial Real Estate Investor donated to Oury and Weisgerber 

Candidate Andy Bateman

Total Funds Available = $1225

California or Colorado= None

Organizations = None

Most Contributors are from "Go Fund Me Account" with no donation over $100.

All donations are individuals and many are from outside Loveland. With go fund me contributors cities  are not shown all the time. 

Candidate Ted Phelps

Total Funds Available = $3100

California or Colorado = None

From Organizations outside City of Loveland =$550

Resident form City of Loveland = $50

Balance of funds available are self funded

Candidate Pam Gross

Total Funds Available $2600

California or Colorado = None

From organization outside City of Loveland = $500

Residents from City of Loveland = $500.00

From social event or Fund-Raising Event =$190

From In-Kind Contributions Received = $825

Self funding through loan = $900

Candidates Butler, Kuhn and Zamagias have not filed Campaign Finance Reports

** Campaign Finance Reports are not required if the candidate has not raised $1000 to date