Christman Property, Tom Carroll Resignation and More

Christman Property Fact or Fiction

Citizens were told by Mayor Weisgerber the property was purchased for  the City's first park in Warren County?  FACT

Loveland Citizens have enjoyed a park in Warren County on Christman Property?  FICTION

Before purchase Tom Carroll sent council a memo about 400 homes being built on adjacent Property? FACT

Mayor Weisgerber was only council member to vote for purchase?   FICTION

Property was purchased for $800,000?   FACT

Property appraised for $710,000 and $714,000 in 2017?    FACT

City over paid by $90,000 based on appraised value?   FACT

City financed the purchase with two bonds for $800,000?   FICTION

City financed the purchase with two bonds for $900,000?   FACT

Total cost for purchasing property including fee's was $820,000?   FACT 

$80,000 dollars disappeared from proceeds of purchase? FICTION

Council financed additional $80,000 to service debt from purchase?   FACT

Citizens are still paying for purchase from 10 years ago with no park or tax income from property?  FACT

Residents have fought the city stopping high density homes from being built on property? FACT

Rob Weisgerber is the only remaining council member running for re-election.   FACT


Public records request

Loveland Magazine

Minutes from finance committee meeting July 27, 2017.

Ms. Flanigan went through highlights of the financial reports and quarterly updates through June 30, 2017. She verified that Cash Flow Analysis was included in the packet and there is no net revenue from the Christman property.

Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) Fact or Fiction

The city pursued multiple different lawsuits against MSD? (Multiple Appeals)  FACT 

The city lost first case and continued in other cases?   FACT

The city brought in expensive additional legal representation from Columbus? FACT

The city won two of the multiple  lawsuits?   FICTION

The city spent over $700,000 of taxpayers money in a losing law suits?   FACT

Loveland residents and taxpayers will be repaying the general fund with annual payments from Sewer Billing Fund of $80,000 through 2019.   FACT


Finance Committe minutes from 10/12/2017. 

Public records request

Former City Manager Tom Carroll Resigned Fact or Fiction

By the letter of the law Tom Carroll resigned?    FACT

Rob Weisgerber negotiated resignation on behalf of council?   FACT

Press release gave former City Manger a outstanding service record to city?   FACT

Rob Weisgerber maintained his majority on council in election prior to Carroll's resignation?   FICTION

The resignation agreement does not allow Tom Carroll to work for City of Loveland again?   FACT

The resignation agreement places a gag order on all council members and future council members except Rob Weisgerber?  FACT

The severance agreement Carroll received has language avoiding a law suit being brought against city by Carroll?   FACT

Carroll's resignation followed Weisgerber losing his majority earlier in November election?   FACT

Council vote accepting Carroll's was unanimous?   FICTION

Rob Weisgerber and one other member of his majority voted against the resignation of Tom Carroll after Weisgerber solely negotiated the contract?   FACT


Public Records Request

Road Funding Fact or Fiction

The mis-management of city funds lead to a city financial crisis in 2012?  FACT (See "Wakeup Loveland" page on this site)

$700,000 is needed to take care of roads properly per Rob Weisgerber?   FACT

$499,000 budgeted to go towards roads fund per Pam Gross and Barry Kuhn?    FACT

Funding for roads was cut do to debt owed on property ventures in downtown Loveland, the Christman Property and legal fee's from lost lawsuits pertaining to MSD?   FACT 

Rob Weisgerber was the deciding vote approving all these issues?    FICTION

At the time service debt was incurred, control of the majority on council and the Mayor was Rob Weisgerber?   FACT


Public Records Request

2017 Meet the Candidates Night

Kuhn & Weisgerber Legal Cases

PAC members and supporters are complaining because I vetted Barry Kuhn and Rob Weisgerber, who both have legal items on the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts websites. Please go to the following website:  to see the editorial by a PAC supporter.



You are correct. 

Due to a divorce, and a job loss, I have also had financial difficulties. I was a single parent without outside financial support in raising my two daughters. It is important to note that 99% of those cases were dismissed, and I paid all of my debts in full.  I had also elected to take the high road, and maintain my focus on the issues and not the individuals. I'll continue down that path, and it is unfortunate  that the LCHPAC has decided to change their stance, and now go after individuals. I know a great many of individuals that have contributed to the PAC, and count them as my friends. I think that they would be disappointed in the change in the LCHPAC's approach. I would also hope that the candidates that the LCHPAC supports would also not endorse this approach.


Feel free to cite court cases on your website. I have stated previously that my life is an open book. I have nothing to hide, and proud of myself for fighting the challenges that I faced during that time period. I have been encouraging residents to research each candidate on their own merits, and this public information has been available to them already.


For the record: I spoke to Barry after vetting all candidates on various different clerk of courts websites. After discussing the issues in his file, I discovered the issues were due to a divorce and the loss of a job. Similar to Rob Weisgerber's lawsuits these issues were not pertinent to the position of a council person. Neither Barry or Rob have had legal issues that have effected tax payers of Loveland. 

Neal Oury has as recent as 2013.

Does a 20+ Year Veteran Deserve Re-election?

As editor of I cannot answer this question. Only the voting residents of Loveland will make that decision on Tuesday.

I have provided the FACTS pertaining to events that have happened in our city over the last 10 years. I have verified all the facts on my own and at my own expense. I am not a PAC.

I took on this responsibility because I have passion for a city that has fed, clothed and provided the basis for my family's lifestyle and success since 1965.

Thank you Loveland for your support!

The TRUTH is ALWAYS most important!

Tim Canada

Loveland Truth