City Charter Explanation Pertaining to Council

Loveland is a Home Rule City

The city, under this Charter, shall exercise all powers of local self-government granted by the laws of the State of Ohio, including all statutes and Constitutional Amendments now or hereafter adopted. All such powers shall be exercised in the manner prescribed by this Charter, or if not prescribed herein, in such a manner as schall be provided by ordinances and/or resolutions, and if not provided by ordinances and resolutions, then as provided by the laws of Ohio. References to any particular power in this Charter shall not be deemed exclusive.

Article II The City Council, Section 2.01 ( Translated)

City council consist of 7 elected council members. Four (4) are elected in a election cycle and three (3) are elected in an election cycle two years after. Council members are elected to four year terms.

Issues Caused by Charter Eelction of Council

Council has no term limits. This allows incumbent council members to run in every election for their current council seat. This allows the opportunity for council members to become life time politicians. They are provided the ability to develop advantages over new citizens running for council. Without term limits, it forces new candidates to enter into the election process to seek approval, acceptance, and partnerships with the life time politicians controlling council! The Charter allows for discrimination based on tenure and ensures new candidates no success unless they partner with majority or minority council coalitions.

Charter Selection of Mayor and Vice Mayor

The current Charter election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor come from within council. This causes an inherent team building and competition between dominate council members for control of the council and city. Since the 1961 election, only four council votes are required to run the city government and control the issues brought before council at their meetings.

Term Limts and Direct Election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor

The summation above shows now is the time to change the Charter of the City of Loveland to adopt term limits and direct election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor! The toxic climate of Loveland city politics can be blamed on the rivalry between Councilman Rob Weisgerber and former Mayor Mark Fitzgerald! If we had term limits, we would not be the laughing stock of The Greater Cincinnati Area!