Hot Topics for Council II

Rob Weisgerber does not want You to know about the Colewell Group

Mr. Weisgerber confirmed the Truth's statement, 'the letter of the law was not broken"! Mr. Weisgerber added due to a previous city manager's manipulation of city contracts, a previous council made it possible for city manager Tom Carroll to circumvent council spending limits in the manner he did.  (Source: Loveland Magazine live broadcast 9/12/17 council meeting)

City taxpayers lose $60,000.00 directly related to Colewell Group

Mr. Weisgerber also confirmed The Colewell group had success in their efforts pertaining to the Linda Cox Parking Lot, putting the number between $320,000 and $350,000.  He omitted the total cost to the taxpayers of Loveland which was over $385,000 for the "Quiet Zone". The Colewell Group lobbied for this "Quiet Zone" to fullfill the requirements for Loveland Station. (Source: Council meetings 9/12 & 8/22)

Total Cost Paid to Colewell Group

Retainer fees of $15,000 were paid whether group was working for the city or not.

Two contracts paid for services rendered equaled a total of $10,0000.

Total cost paid for retainer and services rendered was $25,000.00. (Source: City Check Register gained by public document request)

Total Money Gained From Colewell Group Lobbing Efforts

The Colewell Group brought in between $320,000.00 and $350,000.00 for work done on the Linda Cox Parking Lot. (Source: 9/12 council meeting)

Taxpayer Money Lost do to Colewell Lobbying Efforts

During the August 22nd, council meeting, it was revealed that Mayor Rob Weisgerber signed a resolution directing the City Manager to negotiate a development agreement to build Loveland Station. Included in this agreement was the "Quiet Zone" and the cost was to be split between the city and the developer. At the end of the meeting on August 22nd, we learned that the shared cost is now the city's cost and the whole amount is in excess of $385,000.00.

$60,000.00 Taxpayper Loss

The math shows $385,000 + $25,000 = $410,000.

$410,000 - $350,000 = $60,000 lost by the Loveland taxpayers, both residential and corporate.

This is a direct result of the Colewell Group lobbying to get the "Quiet Zone" and the resolution signed by mayor at that time, Rob Weisgerber.