Loveland Station

Recall and Election Issue

During the recent recall campaign the Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC has made the development of Loveland Station an election issue through the utilization of their political website

Loveland Station Facts

  • There is 15,000 square feet of retail space which is currently full and producing tax revenue for the city.
  • The residential occupancy is nearly full and producing income tax revenue for the city.
  • Residents and non-residents are able to enjoy dinning and shopping on a daily basis while contributing to the overall economic and social growth of the community.

Loveland Station Taxpayer Cost

  • During the 8/22/17 council meeting it was announced that the Loveland taxpayers will be paying 100% of additional $385,000 expense tied to the Quiet Zone, bringing the total city costs to over $400,000 according to the Loveland Magazine.
  • The total cost to the city taxpayers includes buying the properties, removal of the original buildings, construction and removal of former parking facilities, infrastructure costs to meet development contract requirements, hiring the Colewell Group as a lobbyist, and purchasing the McCoy property.

Council Vote on Loveland Station

The LCHPAC stated on their website, "As mayor and via CIC, Fitzgerald pushes public-private partnerships, putting residents on the hook for millions of dollars over decades without resident sanction, without taking bids, and without allowing the public any prior oversight to ensure our interests are met. Refer to Loveland Station Apartments, and the current push to demolish Loveland City Hall while refusing to slow down and engage concerned residents."  Pertaining to Loveland Station, this is an absolute falsification of the truth!

Resolution 2013-76 authorized the city manager to enter into a development agreement with the developer of Loveland Station. There was a unanimous vote by the City Council and then the current Mayor Rob Weisgerber signed the resolution. Mr. Weisgerber spoke about the Loveland Station Project being a goal since he came on council in 1995. You can review the statement made by Mr. Weisgerber on the city website under the 10/17/2013 council minutes and video.

Loveland Station is a Success

Loveland Station is a success and is here to stay for good! The residents of this development are neighbors, customers and friends of everyone in the city. They should not be subject to derogatory political comments about their homes!

The Loveland Truth will be presenting more verified information about the current political landscape in the city of Loveland as we get closer to the election on November 7, 2017.