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Messages below are from residents that support the Loveland Truth. To protect them from harassment, their names have been replace with message numbers representing the date and order the message was received in.

Message 1027644

Good on you, someone needs to shake up the political field in Loveland and as far as I can tell you have done a good job. I'm a resident of Loveland but also a politically educated student at UC. Want to help out, I'm sure you're slow to trust and not big on sharing your personal info but If you need any more inside sources in Loveland, let me know, I'd be happy to help out.

Message 1024500

Thanks for all the work. Neil’s wife showed up today at the Beautification Committee giving us a hard time about our $7,000 budget, and accused one of the members, of receiving money for the mural we were working on with Source Wurx. Anyway, I was going to run too but decided not to. You got my vote and my mom and dad.

Message 1017307

One Lovelands citizens opinion. I will NOT vote for any incumbent council member in the upcoming election. Why? In as few words as possible before I rant and lose 99% of the audience; it takes two to tango! I saw NO real attempt to repair council relationships on either side. I saw withdrawal and silence. I saw partisan voting with little to no collaboration apparent among our elected representatives. I saw divisiveness. Bottom line; find common ground and work together, or don’t work for me! I’ll be back; I hope you’re not

Message 091175

Good work Tim!!

Why did we remove names?

The screenshot above shows how businesses are being treated by PAC members or supporters if you disagree with the narrative. This post was taken down quickly but not before a copy could be made! As a note of truth, there were no bouncers harassing a private citizen and there was not a police report filed.