Hot Topics for Council

Council Issues 2016 & 2017

TLT will provide the truth about the following hot topics and additional issues council has faced in 2016 & 2017. We will also discuss the truth about each candidate's issues they don't want you to know about when you vote! TLT will only use information gathered from public sources and personal experience to provide facts on these issues.

The Colewell Group

This group is a lobbyist group based out of Loveland, Ohio.

This organization was hired in 2013 by former City Manager Tom Carroll, without council's knowledge, to lobby for "The Quiet Zone and the construction aspects of the Linda Cox Parking lot on the old McCoy property". This means this organization was tied to The Loveland Station development. During this process their involvement added to the overall cost, increased political interests and wasted taxpayers dollars! The Colewell Group was successful in getting funding to help with development of a new parking lot. Does the end justify the means?

Tom Carroll spent $25,000.00 for this lobbyist group's services.

The City Manager of Loveland can spend $15,000.00 without council's permission.

Did Tom Carroll break the law by spending over $15,000.00 on one organization without notifying Council?

The former City Manager manipulated the law, deceived council, disrepected the citizens of Loveland, and showed contempt for spending limits by spending $25,000.00 without permission of the City Council. Did he break the letter of the law? No he did not! Here is how he circumvented the laws of the City of Loveland.

Tom Carroll used three different contracts to hire The Colewell Group. One was a $15,000.00 retainer fee as well as two other totaling $25,000.00. This was discussed at the coucil meeting on August  22, 2017. One of the two remaining council members seated before the November elections of 2013, was not aware of the expenditure by the former city manager. This council member was also not aware a lobbyist was contracted to do work for the city! 


Councilman Rob Weisgerber was Mayor when this occurred. He was asked at the August 22, 2017 council meeting if he knew about the contracting of the Colewell group? The former Mayor responded by wishing to respect the speakers time and that he would answer the speakers question after their time ran out. Councilman Weisgerber never ended up answering the question. During the new business portion of the meeting, he stated he did not want to go backwards and made a diversionary motion to go to the law committee, thus avoiding the question all together.

As of this writing (9/7/17) Councilman Weisgerber still has not answered whether or not he was aware of the hiring of a lobbyist group and the spending of taxpayers money by former City Manager Tom Carroll.

The resources used to obtain this information were made by public information request from the City Solicitor and the video of the August 22,1017 council meeting.

More topics involving the Loveland City Council will be discussed over the the next few weeks prior to the upcoming election in November. TLT's main goal is to properly inform the citizens of Loveland on the political landscape in their town. Our hope is all voters will make informed decisions based on the truth come November 2017!