Non-Resident Taxpayer Editorial

Loveland, is this what's best for our city?

First and foremost I want to say thank you to the Loveland residents, Loveland taxpayers, and anyone else who reads this for taking the time to do so. I greatly appreciate your support! 

Recently an individual of the Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC (LCHPAC) made two outrageous and false accusations about me. Shanda Gentry accused me of “stalking other individuals who opposes your comments and you threatened Halie Suzy Rebeccaschild.”

These accusations are not only outrageous but they are absolutely FALSE. Mrs. Gentry should be ashamed for attempting to mislead residents and attack my character.

The “stalking” accusation was referring to a conversation with Shawn Richardson on a Facebook thread located on LCHPAC Facebook page.

As of this writing I am blocked from the LCHPAC page.

I won’t make assumptions as to why this organization blocked me, but the FACT is I am blocked along with others who do not support their narrative.

In the content of this thread, Mr. Richardson asked, “aren’t you trying to Facebook stalk me?” because we were having a discussion about whether or not he was a resident or taxpayer of the city of Loveland who is directly affected by the current political landscape.

Let the record show that yes, I viewed Mr. Richardson’s Facebook page to find out he if he was a resident of the city of Loveland and to see if he listed his place of employment in his personal information. All Facebook users know individuals have the ability to make their pages private if they don’t want this information available to the general public for some reason. This is a far cry from “stalking” as Mrs. Gentry accused me of.

Halie Suzy Rebeccaschild, secretary of the LCHPAC, stated her organization “does not dig into the private life of average citizens.” I find it interesting Mrs. Gentry made this outrageous claim of “stalking” when one of her fellow partners at the LCHPAC publicly admitted to looking up my personal voter registration information and disclosed it on their Facebook page.

The LCHPAC has made it clear they only care about the voting residents of Loveland. The reason Halie looked up my personal information was because she was attempting to prove I did not have any personal interest in the landscape of Loveland politics.

Well, I do and I will explain shortly exactly why I do.

However, first I can’t help but ask myself, is this type of leadership and influence the city of Loveland needs at this time? 

The LCHPAC has had a significant influence on Loveland politics the last 6 months; however they have a clear majority they are hoping to create on Tuesday. Ironically, the same concept they attempted to recall former Mayor Mark Fitzgerald before he ultimately resigned.

Mrs. Gentry also publicly stated, “You threatened Halie Suzy Rebeccaschild."

This is accusation is also FALSE. I did not threaten Halie Suzy Rebeccaschild.   

Mrs. Gentry chose to interrupt my statement in the most negative and closed minded manner possible, something the PAC has become known to do. My statement was not a threat. Period.

My statement was intended to suggest what kind of friendships and/or business relationships does she have with certain individuals involved in the current election? Her business partnership with current members of council is obvious to anyone who has seen the facts lately. In my opinion, current candidate Rob Weisgerber appears to have a significant influence on the LCHPAC and how they are influencing this entire election. However, Mrs. Gentry used this as an opportunity to further her own political agenda.

Again, I can’t help but ask myself, is this type of leadership and influence the city of Loveland needs at this time?

Now, I fully expect these individuals and the entire LCHPAC to use this as an opportunity to link me back to my father, Tim Canada, and his current role in Loveland politics.

I will stop that attempt right now.

My name is Jeremy Canada, not Tim Canada.

I have my own personal opinions and viewpoints on our political landscape because I am a taxpayer to the city of Loveland. Our family business, Bond Furniture, is one of the longest standing taxpaying businesses in the city of Loveland. My grandfather, DC Canada, the first municipal police officer in the city of Loveland, brought our family business here in 1965. The political landscape of any city, not just Loveland, affects both residents and taxpayers, including business taxpayers. My family business and our history is within the Loveland city limits. Bond Furniture is part of Loveland and has been proudly serving this community, Loveland residents, Loveland taxpayers, and the tristate area for decades.

For a third time I am going to ask the question, is the LCHPAC, the type of leadership and influence the city of Loveland needs at this time?

The answer is no.

The question is always asked, “Why can’t candidates and/or political groups talk about what they are going to do for our city and with our tax dollars, rather than talking negative about the candidates and/or ideas they don’t support?”

The answer is always, “I don’t know.”

This is an unacceptable.

The LCHPAC focuses a majority, again a majority, of their efforts discussing and highlighting negative aspects about this election. They have gone as far as attacking local business owners and employees of local businesses who do not support their narrative. Ellen Mershon posted on a local businesses Facebook page threating not to spend money there again because they hosted a campaign fundraiser for a candidate she didn’t support. She also LIED about an incident that never happened to further the PAC’s political agenda.


Is this seriously high school again? Does the movie Mean Girls come to mind for anyone else?

Are there not enough positive goals and ideas to discuss about what their endorsed candidates are going to do for the residents and taxpayers of Loveland if they are re-elected in November?

Obviously, I cannot answer for the PAC but isn’t the most important question of this election, what does the future hold for the city of Loveland? Shouldn’t we be focusing on the goals and objectives instead of threatening businesses and individuals who do not agree with you?

The most important aspect of this political campaign is term limits. The highest level of office in our country has term limits. This creates the opportunity for change, growth, and most importantly improvement for our government.

This is exactly what the city of Loveland needs right now.


We can’t have lifelong politicians because it provides ZERO opportunity for growth in our city. You need new faces, new ideas, and new people.

I am going to ask one last time, is the LCHPAC, the type of leadership and influence the city of Loveland needs at this time?

However, this time the answer is up to the voting residents of Loveland.

There are two groups affected by this election, residents and taxpayers.  Unfortunately, for the non-resident taxpayers we do not have a vote. Only the residents of Loveland will decide the future of our city next Tuesday.

Loveland residents and taxpayers deserve a better voice than the LCHPAC and the opportunity is here.

Take it.

I want to thank the Loveland residents, the Loveland taxpayers, and anyone else who took the time to read this entire editorial. I greatly appreciate your support!

November 7th will be a historic day in our city.


Thank you,

Jeremy Canada

Loveland Non-Resident Taxpayer