Council Term Limts

Term Limits & Direct Election of Mayor and Vice Mayor

After the council meeting on June 27, 2017 was adjourned is when it all began. Diane Powers and Tim Canada introduced the idea of term limits and the Direct Election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor to those who remained in the audience. By a show of hands there was overwhelming support from the citizens.

During the July 11, 2017 council meeting, Tim Canada presented Charter Amendments allowing the voting citizens to decide if term limits and Direct Election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor was what they wanted. Diane Powers and Barry Kuhn, both Loveland residents, were instrumental during the process of developing resolutions and potential Charter amendments that were presented to Council.

Complete Chater Review by a Committee

All of the council members agreed a complete review of the charter was needed, including the possibility of term limits and Direct Election of the Mayor and Vice Mayor. Councilman Szamagias presented the time frame and requirements in order to complete the charter review to avoid being buried in committee forever. After volunteering, Councilman Weisgerber stated his intent to use Diane Powers, Barry Kuhn and Tim Canada on the committee. To date no committee has been formed!

Survey says?!

Over 70% of residents particpating in surveys on want the tenure of elected officials of Loveland controlled by term limits. The petitions presented to council were not circulated for signatures because incorrect information was provided to Diane, Barry and Tim about the necessary requirements by The Board of Elections and their attorney. The Board of Elections and their attorney advised there were issues with the Charter contrary to Ohio law pertaining to referendum charter change.

Advantages and Benefit for the Community

New faces and new ideas.

More citizen involvement.

No Lifetime politicians.

No rivalries between veteran politicians.

Promotes census building to get things done.

Provides checks and balances on city spending.

Stops majority / minority team building and recruitment.

Allows City Manager to run city without tampering from council.

Avoids individual council member dominance!

Direct  election of Mayor allows citizens to choose face of the city.

Mayor must campaign on his / her visions for the city.

Candidates for Mayor must gain confidence and approval from voting city residents.

Guarantees fresh ideas, newcomer opportunities and a new person as Mayor every 8 years.

How can we avoid a lifetime politician on Loveland city council?

Don't re-elect Rob Weisgerber in November 2017!