Hope you can handle the proof

Loveland residents have been forced to demand citations and proof from its author.

To date the only citations requesting proof have come from individuals in the comment section of the Cincinnati.com story " Will political activism change Loveland politics as we know it?"

Per the LCHPAC Secretary "Not a Single Source of Verification"

The LCHPAC stated on their website, "As mayor and via CIC, Fitzgerald pushes public-private partnerships, putting residents on the hook for millions of dollars over decades without resident sanction, without taking bids, and without allowing the public any prior oversight to ensure our interests are met. Refer to Loveland Station Apartments, and the current push to demolish Loveland City Hall while refusing to slow down and engage concerned residents."

Pertaining specifically to Loveland Station, this is an absolute falsification of the truth!

Resolution 2013-76 authorized the city manager to enter into a development agreement with the developer of Loveland Station. There was a unanimous vote by the City Council and the current Mayor at that time, Mayor Rob Weisgerber, signed the resolution. Mr. Weisgerber spoke about the Loveland Station Project being a goal of his since he was elected to council in 1995. You can review the statement made by Mr. Weisgerber on the city website under the 10/17/2013 council minutes and video. 

As you can see sources have been quoted in each paragraph above.

Loveland Station verification from LCHB website

Please go to the LS Verification page on the website to see the evidence for the statements above.

The first photo is a copy of former mayor Rob Weisgerber's signature on Resolution 2013-76. The second photo is Resolution 2013-76. The third, fourth and fifth photos were taken from the LCHB website during the recall campaign.

Misrepresentation of the TRUTH!

Highlighted in photo four the LCHPAC quoted Councilman Rob Weisgerber, "the city has failed to engage residents in productive development planning in nearly a decade."

Thank You LCHPAC for proving under Mayor Weisgerber's administration, ranging from 2007-2013, the city council has failed to engage residents in productive planning!

Tenure as Mayor:

Mark Fitzgerald 2016-2017

Linda Cox 2014-2015

Rob Weisgerber 2007-2013

Deception and Falsehood

Photos four and five talk about former Mayor Mark Fitzgerald's economic agenda not having input from citizens pertaining to Loveland Station. Mark Fitzgerald was NOT Mayor when discussions pertaining to the development of Loveland Station were discussed during council. He was a council member and Vice Mayor. Rob Weisgerber was Mayor when Resolution 2013-76 was passed authorizing the Loveland Station development contract.

LCHPAC Secretary acknowledges Lovelandtruth.com

In the comment section of the Cincinnati.com article the Secretary of LCHPAC acknowledges the Lovelandtruth.Com is having a major affect on the upcoming election. She stated the website is not a credible source. The residents, taxpayers and readers of the Lovelandtruth.com will make the decision after reviewing the LS Verification page!

The LCHPAC Secretary stated in the comment section of the Cincinnati.com article on September 29, 2017, "It’s unfortunate to think that democracy may actually suffer in November due to the inclusion of such a link herein when any critical eye can easily see it is not a credible source."

Democracy will never suffer from the Lovelandtruth.com!