The truth hurts

Answers to Halie's Questions - Questions Listed Below

1. Yes, Halie. I have done my homework.

Please see photos 1, 2, 3, & 4 on the page Weisgerber Linked to PAC.

All photos were obtained and verified through public records request.

2. Unreliable? The pictures prove my reliability and the fact you have been misinforming residents about Rob's involvement with your group and your actions influencing this election

Mark Fitzgerald is a citizen that you and the PAC have attacked and misled the residents of Loveland pertaining to the TRUTH. There is no alliance, he deserves to know the truth just like everyone does!

1. Halie fails to set the record straight - shocker!

Mr. Canada,

Your continual misinformation campaign around the purpose, structure, and direction of Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC are offensive and must be set straight. As the principal organizer of LCHPAC, I would recommend that you speak to any of the twelve people who attended the development meeting, as any one of them will testify that Rob Weisgerber had nothing to do with our purpose. As board meeting minutes are available for review, you should also be able to see that our strategy meetings were guided by stakeholders. Neither was Rob Weisgerber a stakeholder nor was he involved in anything to do with Loveland Community Heartbeat. Have you done your homework? Or do you just enjoy practicing in jackassery? The truth is, LCHPAC stakeholders attended every city council meeting 2017 and most committee meetings, we reviewed extensive meeting minutes, and we did ample research. We accomplished what we did on our own merit.

Halie Rebeccaschild

2. Tim Canada is Unreliable & In An Alliance with Mark Fitzgerald

"The fact that you continue to practice innuendo makes you an unreliable source." - Halie Rebeccaschild

"Why do you keep copying ex mayor, Mark Fitzgerald on these emails? Are you engaged in an alliance of which you’re not speaking?" - Halie Rebeccaschild


Mr. Canada,

I guess this means that on September 10th, when you sent the following to your email list, you were spreading lies to promote your own agenda against the Little Miami River Chamber of Commerce. 

Thank you for clearing up that lie for all these local businesses. 

Good luck,

Halie Rebeccaschild

Halie is referring to an email I copied local businesses on September 10th, 2017. I've never pulled any punches and everyone knows where I stand. I took a direct shot at the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance by asking " if acting as a Political Activist Committee affects their charitable status or mission?"

I also discussed two events where two separate individuals expressed possible involvement or knowledge regarding the upcoming election. To be transparent, I planned on using the differences between LMRCA and City Council as a forum to discuss the issues in the city over the last two years. Many business owners and I took issue with the Chamber changing their name and other events that have transpired over the last two years.

After a couple emails I removed the Chambers logo and decided not to pursue this avenue of political rhetoric anymore.

The Chamber and Loveland Magazine responded outstandingly to calls of conflict of interest from myself and others pertaining to the Meet the Candidates Night. Both parties did a great job running that event. I congratulated both Dave and Cee Cee that night and again in an email the following morning. While we don't always agree, I do recognize hard work and dedication when I see it. If Halie or other individuals would like to bring my email forward, please do.