Amazing Race leaves Loveland

City Manager Threatens to Cancel Loveland's Amazing Race

From: Misty Cheshire []
Sent: Wednesday, June 06, 2012 11:19 AM
To: Martin Schickel
Subject: RE: 2 things Martin,Tom asked that I forward this message to you:The City of Loveland is now facing serious financial challenges. Not only is the City facing a problem from state budget cuts, but Martin's killing of the Loveland Station deal has added to the City's financial distress.  I will now have to plan for another $106,000 of debt service next year which means I will have to lay off another police officer next year.  As a result, the City of Loveland is no longer able to provide support for events which are not required.  Accordingly, this year's Amazing Race will not be supported by the City of Loveland.  Should he wish to hold it anyway, the cost is $5,000 to the City and full payment all police, fire and public works personnel. If this is acceptable, I will process his permit this afternoon upon payment of $5,000.  If not, the event shall be cancelled this year.Tom

(Source: Loveland Magazine June 8, 2012)

Weisgerber attacks Loveland Magazine & declares ZERO donations to charities

Loveland Magazine asked Weisgerber if he agreed with the City Manager's assessment of the $5,000 permit fee for the Amazing Race because Schickel has not reached an agreement to sell his property to Griewe.

He said, “You are wrong. You jump to a conclusion by misleading information and present it as a fact that is not true or a fact.”

(Source: Loveland Magazine June 8, 2012)

Mayor Clarifies Position on Amazing Race Fee

This e-mail was received from Loveland Mayor, Rob Weisgerber moments after publishing: City Manager Threatens to Cancel Loveland's Amazing Race

So I can give you the best information and you can represent the truth I will explain. I will be breif since i just landed in Newfoundland and it is after 2:00 am here.

The City can not afford to donate to charities. A charity like the amazing race makes a lot of money and there is no reason why the city should donate tax payer money to an organization causing the tax payer monies to become pass through donations with the budget crunch upon the city. There is value in Loveland as a site for an event like the amazing race and that value can no longer be overlooked and a fee is in the taxpayers interest.

The connection to the downtown project is clear.  The project is again on the ropes due to the costs including added costs of the hold out building.  Since the city will not be receiving revenues next year from sales within the project construct, the city will now be burdened with well over a 100,000 dollars in payments and these will punish the 2013 budget additionally.  Added budget cuts or a new deal downtown or both are needed. 

The amazing race organizers are feeling the added pressure of the 2013 budget crunch as stated above.  Martin is involved with both the downtown project and the amazing race.  As such, one like yourself can blow the linkage out of proportion to make a political statement.

So the permit fee is NOT directly caused by Greiwe or because Martin has not reached an agreement, however the direct linkage is added budget pressures.

Whatever you have below and in the first email to me was misleading and wrong.  Use my response above and do not rearrange the words to say what you want.

Sent from The Mayor's Pad

Rob Weisgerber

(Source: Loveland Magazine June 9, 2012)

Wake up Loveland before it is to late

"I am frankly tired of the arrogance displayed by the city manager and the fact that he continues to do things without any consequence. A prime example being the dismal handling of Loveland’s Amazing Race resulting in Loveland losing a premier event solely because of his actions.

What did the mayor do to keep the race--nothing, he went along with the city manager. What did the majority do--nothing. They just sat by, closed mouth and tabled a motion to reprimand the city manager for his inappropriate actions and behavior. They obviously did not care that in the seven years the race was in Loveland, the event brought great publicity and people from all around the country into our city. In its eight years existence, the Race has raised $435,000 for local charities. So now Milford and Miami Township reap the benefits that should belong to Loveland."

Rob Weisgerber was mayor at that time.

(Source: article by Joseph A. Ciaramitaro, Loveland Magazine September 30, 2013.)

Mayor Weisgerber does NOTHING to save the Amazing Race

After Loveland Magazine broke the story and it went public, the permit was finally wrestled from Carroll and the event was held as scheduled. (The background story is available here: City Manager Threatens to Cancel Loveland’s Amazing Race). The race organizers unsuccessfully negoiated with current mayor Rob Weisgerber over conditions for the 2013 race; however ultimately decided to take it to another community. They welcomed overtures from Milford and Miami Township. The race ended up being re-named, “The Amazing Charity Race.” 

Weisgerber hurts local business and discourages possible new residents

"The first time I was in downtown Loveland was because of the Amazing Race. Due to our participation in the Amazing Race we spent more than $400.00 (shopping at the running spot, dining at Paxton grill, and rentals from Montgomery Cyclery) money we would NOT have spent in Loveland if not for the Amazing Race! I enjoyed hanging out in Loveland and had planned on returning until I read what City Manager Tom Carroll did and how the Mayor Weisgerber is backing him up. It is hard for me to believe with more than 1,000 people who come to this race that the City of Loveland sales did not increase solely because of the race compared to other Saturday mornings!
While completing the biking portion of the race I discussed how nice some of the neighborhoods were that we passed through stating Loveland would be a nice place to move (we live in Mason currently) but after reading all the emails/letters I no longer would be interested in living in Loveland as long as the Mayor is Rob Weisgerber and the Manager is Tom Carroll.
If I was resident I would be appointing a new Mayor when his terms ends 12/02/2013 and [putting pressure on City Council to appoint a new City Manager." - Lisa Clarke

"This is clearly political backpedaling. The issue is crystal clear. City officials extorted $5000 from Lovelands Amazing Race. The race costs the city of Loveland $0.00. It brings the city good will, new visitors, thousands of dollars in charity, business for the small businesses that thrive here, and an event that pulls the community together. Tom Carroll has seen fit to pull this city apart, threaten the existence of this race, commit an illegal act of extortion, and drag his dim-witted flunky the mayor into it with him. You can't handle the truth Tom Carroll. It's ugly, just like your deeds." - Gerald

(Source: Loveland Magazine Facebook Page June 9, 2012. Comments made on June 16th, 2012 and June 19th, 2012.)

Why Loveland City Council needs Term Limits!

On September 30, 2013 Mr. Ciaramitario wrote "Its time for some of these council members to move on and out particularly those who proclaimed themselves the “majority” (Weisgerber, Bednar, Zuch, Leeper); voting as a block on almost every issue, marginalizing the worth of other council members because they dare to disagree and disregarding different ways of doing business."  

What about the Water Tower? The majority did not want to do any additional due diligence on a project of this magnitude. They knew all the answers. When tests were ran and it was discovered the soil in the designated location, next to the existing water tower in Commerce Park, could not support another tower the city had to find an alternate site which cost $125,000.

The only remaining council member discussed by Mr. Ciaramitario is Rob Weisgerber. 

Rob Weisgerber has served over 20 years on Loveland city council. A majority of his tenure has been spent as Mayor with the controlling majority.

Mr. Weisgerber has cost the residents and taxpayers financial opportunities, public humiliation and pride in their community!

How can residents move toward achieving term limits this November?

Do Not Re-elect Rob Weisgerber to Loveland City Council!